November 6, 2009

Openings in Mahindra Satyam


  1. I am 2009 passout and i was placed in satyam.
    but why mahindra satyam not giving joining to the candidates which were selected by satyam.
    i only want to say that once satyam cheated the students and non mahindra satyam is doing the same thing.

  2. why mahindra satyam not giving jobs to the persons who took their on line test recently..(i.e 22nd jan)??

  3. guys
    can nebdy tell me what they r upto
    rejecting or taking the candidates
    what is after the online test

  4. ya they nt responding wel..i attended the test on 7th feb and v were told tht they wil mail the result in 3 days...robbie wen u attended the test and wat they told u?

  5. if anybody knows abt the further process of mahindra satyam...then kindly let me also know abt tht.

  6. hi i took the online test on 20th feb n m still waiting,it was told dat they will give the result in 7 days.