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16th July 2020 Update Of Free Udemy Courses

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Java Questions

Just a few interview questions which I faced in the interviews ... the thought of sharing..

 1)What is JVM?
2)What is JDK?
3)What is JRE? Differences between JDK and JRE?
4)How Java is platform independent?
5)When you say java FileName what happens? Every time it creates a new JVM instance or how?
6)What are the benefits/features of java?
7)What are the differences between C# and Java?
8)What are the major properties of java? i.e. Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction and polymorphism. Explain those and give some examples of them.
9)What is the difference between interface and abstract class? Examples of each and when to use what?
10)How the string is immutable? What is immutable? Any other classes in java are immutable?
11)How you can create an immutable class? What happens internally?
12)What are the differences between final, finally and finalize?
13)What are differences between string buffer and string builder and when to use what?
14)Various questions on access modifiers like p…

INDCSSI is Hiring!

INDCSSI – India Business Unit Customer solutions and system integrationDear Infoscion,We are back with new opportunities which you can share with your friends. Currently there are a number of open positions based out of India across practice units in INDCSSISkill RequirementExperienceLocationSAP CRM 3-15 yearsMumbai, Gurgaon, HyderabadSAP HR5-15 yearsMumbai, Pune, HyderabadSAP FICO5-15 yearsBangalore, Hyderabad, MumbaiSAP APO5-15 yearsMumbai, Pune, HyderabadSAP BASIS5-15 yearsBangalore, Gurgaon, HyderabadSA

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