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Showing posts from December, 2010 - A Private Search Engine Your searches should be private. We make sure they really are.  Private Search in Action  We don’t track you  We don’t store your searches in any identifiable way  We don’t store your IP address in our services Your privacy is important.  There are no traces of your activities and personal identity in our servers.  You can learn more about privacy in our blog  We don't like cookies!

Shocking news about CTRL+C

Hi , Clipboard Hack Problem - Shocking news about CTRL+C Ctrl+C may be the most important work we do everyday. But it's not a very safe thing to do. Read on to know why. What happens when you press Ctrl+C while you are online. We do copy various data by Ctrl + C for pasting elsewhere. This copied data is stored in clipboard and is accessible from the net by a combination of Javascripts and ASP. This is called clipboard hack problem. Just try this: 1. Copy any text by Ctrl + C 2. Click the Link: 3. You will see the text you copied was accessed by this web page. Surprised! Do not keep sensitive data (like passwords, credit card numbers, PIN etc.) in the clipboard while surfing the web. It is extremely easy to extract the text stored in the clipboard to steal your

Freewares / Free Softwares 16 Dec 2010

Easy-Data Mediaplayer This application can play almost every movie format out there and in high resolution, even in old computers. Its features include: Play all types of movies with the right codecs installed, Take snapshots and save as .JPG, .BMP or .Tiff, Combine several video files to one output file, Split/Join files, Convert movies to and from several formats, Extract or add sound, Create movie out of pictures (with or without sound), Create a snapshot containing 16 images from a movie file, Decode a movie frame by frame, Add effects, text, logos etc, Playlist, Inbuildt multimedia search engine, Movie Library (Experimental), and Screen capture to video (full screen or selected area). The 9.04 MB Easy-Data Mediaplayer (08-12-10), for Win7/Vista/2K/XP, can be downloaded at  or FAQ at  and online help at Hot

Freewares / Free Softwares 02 Dec 2010

OtherInbox OtherInbox can help regain control of your Inbox by automatically organizing email clutter. Acclaimed as a cure for email overload, OtherInbox organizes emails from online shopping and social networking sites, enabling you to focus on messages which really matter to you. Acting like a personal assistant for Gmail or Yahoo! Mail the OtherInbox"s spam filter moves the stuff you do not want to read immediately into folders ( you can read them later) - the preset labels or folders have "OIB" at the beginning; for example - OIB Finance, OIB Shopping, etc. This leads to no clutter, your Inbox gets smaller, saves them time and gives them control over your Inbox. Nothing would be missed as each morning you'll receive a daily digest that summarizes the messages which reached your inbox the previous day. To put your email on autopilot, check out the OtherInbox at FocusWriter FocusWriter is a full screen, distraction-free w

Freewares/ Free Softwares 09 Dec 2010

SnapShot SnapShot is a screen capture tool which lets you grab desktop, window, or any part of the screen. Among its features are: Capture screen, window, rectangular area, Global hotkeys to instantly activate screen capturing, Options to specify output destination (file, editor, clipboard, printer, e-mail), Save in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, PSD, and TIFF formats, Run minimized or minimize to System Tray area, Include mousepointer, play sound on capture, Supports multiple monitors and Dualview, Automatically save screen captures, automatic filename generation, Send screen captures to Paint or to your favorite image editing program, Send screen captures by build-in e-mail (supports Exchange Server), and upload screen captures through built-in FTP engine. The 2.1 MB (zip) SnapShot for Windows 98/ME/2k/2k3/2k8/XP/Vista/7 can be downloaded at Photo Editing and Viewer The Fly Free Photo Editing and Viewer is a photo editing software with

BYB Walk-In Drive @ Kochi on 4 Dec 2010 ( Joining Location : Kochi )

BRING YOUR BUDDY!!!!         Walk in details                       Date          :  4 Dec 2010            Time          :  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM            Venue         :   6th Floor ,Vismaya Building , Infopark, Kochi                                                                                       REQUIREMENTS                                                                                                                       Work Location - Kochi                                                   Eligibility       •Minimum 50% aggregate marks in academics starting from STD X onwards       •Correspondence and Distance education based qualification is not recognized by TCS       •B.E / B. Tech/ MCA - with minimum 4+ year of experience       •Other degrees like Diploma/ B.Sc. /BCA with 4.5+ years of relevant experience       •Not more than 2 years of cumulative break in education and career       •Candidates who have appeared in t


    Inviting Freshers of the class of 2010 to register with     us for a LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY to work at our Mumbai / Pune / Bangalore / Chennai Centers ….                                                   provided they meet ALL of the below criteria - Education: Engineering ( CS / CE / IT / EE / ECE / EIE / Mechanical )/MCA Year of passing : 2010 ( at first attempt ) Additional criteria: 1. Class X 60% and above 2. Class XII 60% and above 3. Undergraduate Degree 55% and above (applicable to MCA students only) 4. Engineering / MCA – with   FIRST CLASS.   5. Highest degree (applicable for MCA / Engineering only) should be accredited by AICTE (All India Centre for Technical Education) 6. There should not be more than 1 year gap between Class XI

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