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16th July 2020 Update Of Free Udemy Courses

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Convert PDF to Excel Easily
PDF to Excel is a very excellent tool to convert PDF Docs to Excel docs.

Here’s why it is a totally unique on the market today:

- No need to provide an email or any other personal information

- Import PDFs directly from your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive

- Really quick conversion (1 minute for average file sizes)

- Files are kept on our servers only 6 hours

- Converts scanned PDFs as well

- Absolutely free service, no hidden costs

- No ads whatsoever

please check out the tool here:

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Neuvoo - India‘s employment boost thanks to Canadian start-up

India‘s employment boost thanks to Canadian start-up
Most argue that the internet could boost education and development in developing countries with many schools already using "smart boards" instead of the same old dusty chalk powder covered blackboards. Skype tuition is also a new trend as traffic had made moving through metropolitan cities nearly impossible.

With India‘s GDP predicted to rise the number of job opportunities should rise with it .India turns out over 10 million graduates a year and yet fifteen percent of these job seekers still struggle while seeking a job .This means that they are forced to move out of the country in search for jobs this causes a serious problem of "brain drain" in our country .Weather or not the so called brain drain is due to a lack or jobs or a lack of awareness is debateable.

WhenNeuvoolaunched in India within weeks the website went viral with lakhs of users using it .With India‘s internet speeds rising more and more jobs are bei…

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