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16th July 2020 Update Of Free Udemy Courses

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COVID Dashboards

COVID Dashboards

Corona Virus & COVID - 19 Dashboard and Websites
Global Dashboard - Click Here India Dashboard - Click Here WHO Dashboard - Click Here

Other Links

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak timeline map (HealthMap)
Novel coronavirus infection map (University of Washington)
COVID-19 surveillance dashboard (University of Virginia)
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation dashboard (WHO)
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the US (CDC)
Geographical distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide (ECDC)
COVID-19 coronavirus tracker (Kaiser Family Foundation)
COVID-19 coronavirus oubreak (Worldometer)
Coronavirus: the new disease Covid-19 explained (South China Morning Post)
Mapping the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak (Esri StoryMaps)
COVID BING - Microsoft

World Population: Ranking Of Countries

World Population: Ranking Of Countries
China has the largest population in the world followed by India & the United States.As on March 10th 2020

World Population:  Ranking Of Countries China has the largest population in the world followed by India & the United States. The population of the world is 7.264 billion people. China and India account for roughly 36% of the world's population. World7,263,838,600RankCountryPopulation% Of World1 China1,366,990,00018.82%2 India1,260,160,00017.35%3 United States318,816,0004.39%4 Indonesia252,164,8003.47%5 Brazil203,212,0002.80%6 Pakistan188,020,0002.59%7 Nigeria178,517,0002.46%8 Bangladesh157,047,0002.16%9 Russia146,149,2002.01%10 Japan127,040,0001.75%11 Mexico119,713,2031.65%12 Philippines100,311,4001.38%13 Vietnam89,708,9001.24%14 Ethiopia87,952,9911.21%15 Egypt87,225,2001.20%16 Germany80,781,0001.11%17 Iran77,775,1001.07%18 Turkey76,667,8641.06%19Congo69,360,0000.95%20 France65,991,0000.91%21 Thailand64,871,0000.89%22

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