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16th July 2020 Update Of Free Udemy Courses

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Websphere commerce server opening

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Required Skills:- • 2 years hands on WebSphere Commerce development experience. • Experience with J2EE architecture and development including Servlets, EJBs, JMS, and JSP. • Experience with WebSphere Commerce architecture • Should have done at least one enterprise implementation of WCS • B2B and B2C store development experience • Demonstrated hands-on skills in three or more of the subsystems in WCS (ex: Order Management, Catalog, Marketing, Merchandising, etc.) • Strong understanding of the WCS runtime framework and be comfortable working with Struts. • Experience developing WCS EJB, access and databeans • Experience with the data model and programming model for WebSphere Commerce • Knowledge in Databases(Oracle) • Deep problem solving and analytical skills • Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills Preferred Skills • XML and web technologies including AJAX, Web Services, JSON and XML skills. • WCS Commerce Accelerator an…

We Are Hiring...!!!

Bring in the Best, Work with the Best... Refer for GBS, ESBPO, GSD & CSCB

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Requisition Number &
LocationJob DescriptionWalk-in  Event in  ChennaiGBS & ESBPODate: 30th Jan to 5th Feb’13                                                     Time: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PMVenue:

Android users Can Quickly Access Apps Directly From the Homescreen

EZ Launch – Quickly Access Apps Directly From the Homescreen

The Google Play Store has thousands of apps and most of these are downloaded by millions of Android users. With the vast number of apps available, users download various apps on their devices. These apps can fill up the app drawer and you might find it frustrating to find a particular apps. Most Android users get lost when looking for a particular app in the app drawer and this can be really annoying. A new app is now available for the Android OS which completely solves this problem. Even if you have hundreds of apps installed, the app lets you get to any particular app easily. EZ-Launch is, basically, a widget app which lets you open up any particular app quickly.

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J2EE Interview Quetions

Q:What is a output comment?A:A comment that is sent to the client in the viewable page source.The JSP engine handles an output comment as uninterpreted HTML text, returning the comment in the HTML output sent to the client. You can see the comment by viewing the page source from your Web browser.JSP Syntax
<!-- comment [ <%= expression %> ] -->

Example 1

<!-- This is a commnet sent to client on
<%= (new java.util.Date()).toLocaleString() %>

Displays in the page source:
<!-- This is a commnet sent to client on January 24, 2004 -->Q:What is a Hidden Comment?A:A comments that documents the JSP page but is not sent to the client. The JSP engine ignores a hidden comment, and does not process any code within hidden comment tags. A hidden comment is not sent to the client, either in the displayed JSP page or the HTML page source. The hidden comment is useful when you want to hide or "comment out" part of your JSP page.You can use any chara…

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