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TreePad TreePad Lite, a small personal database program, lets you store notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. into one or multiple databases. Thanks to its familiar Windows explorer look, editing, storing, browsing, searching and retrieving data are quite easy. To search browse the tree as you would do in the directories/ folders displayed in the Windows explorer. Features: Articles and nodes - unlike the usual database programs, TreePad is can store unstructured information, lets you define and impose your own structure. All data is contained in 'articles'; an article is a text shown in the right pane of the program window. Any article is contained in a 'node' which is the most basic part of the tree (left pane); Tree editing - create any tree structure you want; Support for plain-text hyperlinks; notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. into one or multiple databases instead of storing in a large number of separate documents. The 465 KB Treepa

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HJSplit HJSplit is a file-splitting and joining program. As a splitter HJSplit can split files of any type and size. To execute the programme just click on hjsplit.exe. It lets you split a large file into smaller chunks, which can be much more easily sent and stored. It can even handle files which are larger than 10Gb - can split the file into 640 Mb parts. Yes, HJSplit is a tiny and specialized program for joining files too - it can join these split parts back together, again, so that the original file is restored. HJSplit is easy to use, does not need any installation or complicated DLLs, just consists of one `.exe' file. So, it can also be run directly from a floppy or CD-Rom. The 335kb HJSplit v2.4 for Windows 2000/2003/XP can be downloaded at Inquisitor Inquisitor can help speed up your web search. It's a browser plugin to extend the functionality of the search bar - to make it more intuitive, respo

How To Open Command Prompt And Task Manager When Installing Windows

For the most part, installing Windows, either XP or Vista , from scratch is pretty simple. But on occasion, sometimes the installation cannot find a driver or you may need to perform a task such as check disk space or even run Task Manager. For times like this, being able to access a command prompt to run commands may seem impossible, but it's actually very easy to do with a simple keyboard shortcut. To open a command prompt during installation, wait until the installation has reached the " Installing Windows " phase. Then just press SHIFT+F10 and a command prompt will open.   With access to the command prompt, at the early phase of the installation, the Windows and System32 folders are available, allowing access to all Windows commands. This will allow you to use the find command and run a search if needed. You can even browse the CD from where Windows is being installed by changing directories to the D:\ drive or open up Task Manager (by typing taskmgr

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Recover Files Recover Files can undelete/recover deleted files. Its features include: recovers files after deletion in the Recycle Bin, files deleted from a network share, DOS command prompt, Shift+Delete is used, when Move or Cut command are used, from Hard drives, floppy disks, external USB disk / flash drivers, deleted by other applications or by viruses, and much more; Supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 file systems; Performs non-destructive and read-only scan and file recovery; Restores original create and modified file dates; Supports unicode and non-alphabet languages; Filters files by name, extension, folder and file type. The 1.16 MB Recover Files, version 3.10 (July 06, 20079) for Windows Vista , Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 95, 98, ME and Windows NT 4 can be downloaded at http://www.Undelete download. html Exl-Plan Free Exl-Plan Free is an Excel-based business finance planner, can be used either for immediate or

Lockheed Martin To Release Social Media Tool As Open Source Software

Gaithersburg , M.d., July 7th, 2009 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] announced today that it will release a proprietary social media tool under an open source software license. The announcement, made at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston , is the first of its kind for Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin has been developing proprietary social media technology to facilitate interaction between employees to create and share secure content using blogs and wikis. As a result, Lockheed Martin has become a leader of this technology in the aerospace and defense industry. “Lockheed Martin has placed an emphasis on social media adoption by finding innovative ways to integrate a social dimension into our existing process and tools while reducing total cost of ownership,” says Linda Gooden, Executive Vice President for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Services business area. “We are excited to now share our investment back to the open source community to help other organi

Do we can compress mp3 files without loosing sound quality

Do we can compress mp3 files without loosing sound quality?   In short: Practically NO. MP3 is compressed music. Some music formats do compress better than MP3 like AAC etc. but are only marginally better. Also you should not do Post-Processing on mp3's not try to compress mp3's, change format, change bit-rate etc. this will lead to drastic loss of quality. Though there are other formats, today the de-facto standard is 128kbps (bitrate) MP3 for music, higher bit-rates are preferred upto a maximum of 320kbps. If you have only mp3 files, forget about more compression. On the other hand if you have audio CD's [non-mp3, the proper audio CD] then you can 'rip' them to a better format/bit rate. NOTE:DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE FORMAT/BITRATE OF MP3 FILES, ANY CHANGES WILL LEAD TO DETERIORATION OF QUALITY. Even increasing bit-rate to 320kbps using 128kbps is useless. you cannot bring back information [or 'music'] that was destroyed while creating t

Free Softwares 09 July 09

JDownloader JDownloader, open source and platform independent, can help download files from file hosters like, and others. JDownloader can be used by both kinds of users - those who have a premium account and those who don't pay. Features: Support for many file hosting sites, decrypt plug-ins for many services. e.g., UCMS, WordPress, skips the limits of Filehosting websites, downloads in multiple paralell streams, download with multiple connections, captcha recognition, automatical file extraction, Can download Youtube, Vimeo, clipfish video, and Mp3 files; 24-hour support, integrates with Firefox, no installation needed, and more. The 15.6 MB JDownloader, v.0.6.193, cross-platform - works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, can be downloaded at Runs on Java 1.5 or higher. jGnash jGnash is a free personal finance manager with many features available in commercial versions. Main Features

ASP.NET 3.5 interview questions with answers

The IHttpHandler and IHttpHandlerFactory interfaces ? The IHttpHandler interface is implemented by all the handlers. The interface consists of one property called IsReusable. The IsReusable property gets a value indicating whether another request can use the IHttpHandler instance. The method ProcessRequest() allows you to process the current request. This is the core place where all your code goes. This method receives a parameter of type HttpContext using which you can access the intrinsic objects such as Request and Response. The IHttpHandlerFactory interface consists of two methods - GetHandler and ReleaseHandler. The GetHandler() method instantiates the required HTTP handler based on some condition and returns it back to ASP.NET. The ReleaseHandler() method allows the factory to reuse an existing handler. Does .NET CLR and SQL SERVER run in different process? Dot Net CLR and all .net realtes application and Sql Server run in same process or we can say that that on the same

.Net Framework Interview questions with answers

What do you know about BCL? The BCL (Base Class Library) is a combination of classes or we can say that it’s a library of functionalities and types available to all languages that used in .NET Framework. To make the programmer job more easier dot net gave a advantage to includes the BCL in order to collect a large number of common functions, just like to read a file and write to file, graphic rendering, database interaction, and XML document manipulation at one place . The scope of this is large and standard libraries for most other languages, including C++, and would be comparable in scope to the standard libraries is just like Java. The BCL is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Framework Class Library (FCL), which is a superset including the Microsoft namespaces. In Assembly which work as GacBrowser ? The GACPicker class allows the user to select an assembly from the Global Assembly Cache. It does this by looking at the filesystem representation of the GAC, since there

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