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Latest Softwares

Latest Software’s… SelfCloud, your own datacenter in your PC or mobile phone.

Access from any device, and share it with the others.

Cross Platform - SelfCloud can run on Windows, Android and Mac OS X.

Privacy & Security - All of your files will never be stored on SelfCloud server but only stored and transferred between your own devices. is a great portable and lightweight third-party file browser for Windows that has been around for a while and has recently received an update, fixing several bugs and making it more stable. It provides you with tabbed browsing, complete integration with the operating system, ability to split and merge files, search files with name and attribute filters, and a lot more.

A major issue for many users when it comes to third-party file managers is that they look quite different from Windows Explorer, and overwhelm you by putting buttons and lists for everything but the kitchen sink in the toolbars. Fortunately, Explorer++ has…

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