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16th July 2020 Update Of Free Udemy Courses

A complete guide on how to build an IP database using Asana | Join Now PW0-104 Administration Without Wire Certified Practice Exam | Join Now JavaScript Crash Course | Join Now PMP- Project Management Introduction Course | Join Now Video Marketing Masterclass: InVideo | Join Now Medical Surgical Nursing Practice Test 1 | Join Now Learn Fundamentals Of Node.js Programming |���������������������������������������������…

BOSCH Freshers - 2013 Batch Engineers

Dear Associate,We have few open positions for freshers. These positions require candidates with exceptional track record.Please share your references -  if they fulfill all the below mentioned criteria:1.Freshers from 2013 batch only.2.You have the conviction that your reference can be a top performer at RBEI3.Candidate must have graduated from superior engineering colleges 4.Eligibility criteria : o70% or above in academics (10th, 12th and BE) with no history of backlogs oSpecialized in ECE/EEE branches onlySpecialized in ECE/EEE branches only5.Other guidelines :oCandidates attended  RBEI's selection process in the past are NOT eligible to re-apply, therefore, pl avoid sharing such references.oCandidates with offer from other companies can also apply.oFresher referral will not attract the referral rewardoOnly the shortlisted candidates will be intimated with feedbackoReferral email should carry the subject line mentioning the college name + engg. SpecializationSince the numbe…

Vine app for Chrome.

Awesome Vine app for Chrome. Fun, Quick, Simple
Vine for Chrome is a simple and quick way to use Vine in your browser **Vines graph feed of everyone you follow (Home section) **Popular Vines feed **Explore feeds with awesome Vine tags **Full Vine profiles **COMMENT on any Vine **Easily SHARE Vine post links **Follow other Vinesters. Want to Vine, but don't have your iPhone or Android handy near your computer ? Just click the Vine icon in the top right corner of your browser and voila you have the latest Vines ! Hilarious and super easy to use. Note: Vine for Chrome only works with Vine usernames (must be an email) and passwords. This is the account you registered directly with Vine. Login via Twitter account is currently not supported. Please use the Vine mobile app to sign up for an account directly with Vine to make sure you can login into Vine for Chrome.
Version: 1.6.0
Updated: November 18, 2013
Size: 374KB
Language: English

Connect to the internet when there’s no internet

How to connect to the internet when there's no internet
+ Be-Bound, a new app launched recently and available only on Android for now, promises to help when you have network coverage but no internet connection (or when you don't want to cough up for internet access, whether because of frugality or stubbornness). Even without an internet connection, it gives users access to a small suite of services, including search, email, weather, stocks, maps and Twitter, among others.+ It works through text message, which, like an internet connection, is simply a way of moving information around. Request your email through the app and it will send a text message (much like how you can tweet via text message without an internet connection) to its servers, which process the request and deliver the data back the same way. Be-Bound charges a small fee to act as the go-between, but it still works out to be much cheaper than either paid wifi or data roaming.Source:…

Openings at JDA Software

Referral Walk-in on 16th November 2013 Dear Associates, Refer a Friend for Product Development Team.Req NoInterview LocationSkillExperience1834BangaloreJava, J2EE, Javascript7-9 Years1835BangaloreJava, J2EE, Project Management11-14 Years1836BangaloreSTLC, Automation Testing, SQL3-4 Years1844BangaloreJava, J2EE, Project Management7-9 Years1845BangaloreCore Java, J2EE, SQL5-6 Years1846BangaloreCore Java, J2EE, SQL & Webserivices5-6 Years1857BangaloreSTLC, Manual Testing, SQL

Openings for 2013 passed outs at iGate


At iGate we have openings for 2013 passed outs. Below are the details.

Desired Candidate Profile Candidates who you will refer MUST meet ALL of the following criteria's: ·Candidates must havegraduated in2013 ·Should have minimum of 60% aggregate and above in academics 10th, 12thandgraduation. ·Should haveno gapsin education ·Candidates must beopen to relocateto any location andwork in shifts(where and when required) ·Candidates must be available tojoin immediately ·Candidate must have good English written / verbal communication skills. In addition, English language comprehension must be good Interview Location          Bangalore and Mumbai Qualification Candidates referred MUST have specialized in any one of the following streams as part of their curriculum Bachelor of Engineering / Technology -   Computer Science / Electronics Engineering / Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering / Electronics & Communication Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Electronics & Electrical En…

Multiple Clouds websites

Manage Multiple Clouds
Site 2: Managing many cloud accounts I LIKE IT

Site 3:

Site 4 : Browser based OS

Site 5:

Cloud Websites:
Site 1:

Site 2:

Site 3: Dropbox :
Site 4: Google Drive:
Site 5:  Windows SkyDrive:
Site 6:

Site 7: MediaFire:
Site 8: Ubuntu One
Site 9: Sugarsync

Site 10: MEGA 50GB -
Totally : You will get around 150 GB of cloud storage.

Java Questions

Just a few interview questions which I faced in the interviews ... the thought of sharing..

 1)What is JVM?
2)What is JDK?
3)What is JRE? Differences between JDK and JRE?
4)How Java is platform independent?
5)When you say java FileName what happens? Every time it creates a new JVM instance or how?
6)What are the benefits/features of java?
7)What are the differences between C# and Java?
8)What are the major properties of java? i.e. Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction and polymorphism. Explain those and give some examples of them.
9)What is the difference between interface and abstract class? Examples of each and when to use what?
10)How the string is immutable? What is immutable? Any other classes in java are immutable?
11)How you can create an immutable class? What happens internally?
12)What are the differences between final, finally and finalize?
13)What are differences between string buffer and string builder and when to use what?
14)Various questions on access modifiers like p…

INDCSSI is Hiring!

INDCSSI – India Business Unit Customer solutions and system integrationDear Infoscion,We are back with new opportunities which you can share with your friends. Currently there are a number of open positions based out of India across practice units in INDCSSISkill RequirementExperienceLocationSAP CRM 3-15 yearsMumbai, Gurgaon, HyderabadSAP HR5-15 yearsMumbai, Pune, HyderabadSAP FICO5-15 yearsBangalore, Hyderabad, MumbaiSAP APO5-15 yearsMumbai, Pune, HyderabadSAP BASIS5-15 yearsBangalore, Gurgaon, HyderabadSA

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