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Showing posts from May, 2012 - A Private Search Engine Your searches should be private. We make sure they really are.  Private Search in Action  We don’t track you  We don’t store your searches in any identifiable way  We don’t store your IP address in our services Your privacy is important.  There are no traces of your activities and personal identity in our servers.  You can learn more about privacy in our blog  We don't like cookies!


Greenshot is an application for Windows that makes it easy to take screenshots of any application. It is a tiny application and comes with cool features like inbuilt image editor. The Image editor included is not full blown app, but it is enough to annotate the screenshot before sharing it with others. The good thing about the application is it sits in the system tray, and you can invoke with a key stroke, and taking screenshot is a snap. Greenshot, a free and open source application can be downloaded at

SAVBU Career Opportunities

Put your Human Network into action by participating in Cisco's Employee Referral Program < >   SAVBU Career Opportunities ! Server Access and Virtualization Business Unit (SAVBU) is focused on data center access, virtualization and Unified I/O (FCoE) products, along with rack and blade servers, to drive a unified computing architectural vision across the network and to align our go-to-market strategies. Key part of Cisco's virtualization strategy is UCS and  Nexus switch  (N5K/N2K, N3K, N4K) product line. In all products, we drive the ecosystem and standards strategy around DCE, newer Data Center technologies like L2MP & TRILL, FCoE (Unified I/O), virtualization and ultra low latency.  We drive these innovations into standard bodies such as OFED, IEEE, IETF, T11 and PCI-SIG.  SAVBU is key to Cisco's vision and strategy for the next generation data center and Cloud computing.   We are also

Glue, a personal clipboard

Glue, a Chrome extension, is your personal clipboard that lets you copy-paste text, images and links in a fast and elegant way. This nifty little tool may come useful in situations where you have to copy text and take a lot of screenshots. With it, you can copy items from the right-click context menu, add tags and save them quickly to your personal Glueboard. A "Glued" item can be edited or deleted later with ease. Not only does the extension let you save bits and pieces of information, but also lets you instantly share them with your friends on Twitter. The Glued items are saved and displayed with auto-generated titles and source links, which you can either view or copy afterwards. To glue an item, browse to a website of your choice and select the Glue it! option from the right-click context menu.


Streak – CRM Inside Your Inbox Many of the busiest professionals spend the majority of their days sifting through emails and responding to the most urgent matters. Streak is an application that can make the time people spend going through their email inboxes more efficient and effective. The web-app puts CRM tools right inside its users' Gmail inboxes, making it easy to complete deals and manage client relationships without clicking around from tab to tab. Streak can be used for sales management, bug tracking, customer support, or hiring, just to name a few of the many uses for this innovative tool. If you're the kind of person who spends most of your time browsing through an overflowing inbox, then you'll want to give Streak a try. To get started, add Streak to your browser – the app only works on Google Chrome at the current time – login to your account, and then visit your Gmail inbox. Streak will group the emails in your inbox by customer, making it easy to

PDF Presenter

PDF Presenter, an open-source, java-based utility, lets you display PDF documents the same way you'd present PPT (or PPTX) slideshows. Not only that, but you can also annotate your documents with an integrated Pen, Marker and Text Box tool. In addition, it provides you with an option to view your PDF documents (or a Whiteboard) in full screen mode. It works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems, requires latest JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed.

One-Click Video Chats

Meet Face to Face Online Hang out with co-workers and teams. Run as many meetings as you want. No software or signups needed. Best of all, it's free. Simple One-Click Video Chats from starts a video chat between you and up to five people in two simple steps: 1. Press button to generate link to video chat; 2. Share link. That's it. No registering, no logging in, no screen names to remember. Just click and start. The screen automatically resizes to accommodate participants as they come and go, and there are cool little add-ons like a notepad for personal memos and a messenger space for personal comments. Go Visit --------------------------------------------------- Sourced from Netted by the Webbys

Personal eCards

Create and send your personal greeting card from your PC at your convenience and know that they will be instantly recieved and appreciated. Personal eCards facilitates free cards for email, Twitter and Facebook.

Picfull, a free online photo-editing tool

Picfull is a free online photo-editing tool that anyone can use to give their pictures a little more pizzazz. Unlike more robust photo editing suites, like Photoshop, Picfull is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Photos are enhanced by adding special, stylish effects – similar to the effects that people can put on their Instagram photos – and then saved in a format that makes them easy to upload to Facebook and Twitter.


If you and your friend or colleague wish to sit down and draft a letter or document there's no need to wait until you can get together in the same room, in front of the same computer screen. All you need is for each of you to log into . Within seconds, you'd both be working on the same document in real time. As you type, your words and edits are instantly reflected on the other person's screen. Separate colours are automatically added to make it clear who typed what. And, additional people can even join in too. Qikpad is free, quick, and there's no need to sign up or log in. While it could prove unsuitable for discussing confidential issues, surely, for low-risk documents it should prove useful. Features QikPad is a free online collaboration tool. Multiple users can instantly see text updates, character by character. Work together on documents, projects or code in real-time. One-click pa

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