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COVID Dashboards

COVID Dashboards

Corona Virus & COVID - 19 Dashboard and Websites
Global Dashboard - Click Here India Dashboard - Click Here WHO Dashboard - Click Here

Other Links

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak timeline map (HealthMap)
Novel coronavirus infection map (University of Washington)
COVID-19 surveillance dashboard (University of Virginia)
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation dashboard (WHO)
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the US (CDC)
Geographical distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide (ECDC)
COVID-19 coronavirus tracker (Kaiser Family Foundation)
COVID-19 coronavirus oubreak (Worldometer)
Coronavirus: the new disease Covid-19 explained (South China Morning Post)
Mapping the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak (Esri StoryMaps)
COVID BING - Microsoft

Openings at HP Inc

There are a lot of openings at HP Inc. Let me know if you are interested.

Requisition NO Job Function City Job Posting Title Management Level 3048085 Supply Chain & Operations Bangalore Bus Operations Associate Primary 3047862 Sales Operations Bangalore Deal Creator Role Primary 3047456 Supply Chain & Operations Chennai Bus Operations Associate Primary 3044211 Sales Operations Bangalore Sales support Management coordinator

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