August 2, 2013

Line, the new messaging app!

Line, the new messaging app!

By divyanshu sharma


It offers the following features and claims it is better. Any one of our members has signed up for this service? Please post your views.

Salient Features

Free voice calls and Messaging

It offers a good experience for social networking with unlimited high quality voice calls and free messages 24×7, that's free voice calls and free messages. You'll get the messages quick.


Stickers are the best part of this app. There are various stickers installed in the app, this feature isn't present in its rival Whatsapp. Stickers add a nice touch to you chats.

(Looks like this feature is restricted to Windows Phone & BlackBerry

PC integration

You can also make voice calls from your PC. Line is fully compatible with Windows and Mac. So if you are at your home or office you can use it there as well.

Unique Features

You can add your friends just by "shake it" feature. You just have to shake your phone next to your phone and it's done. There is a feature called line camera, by which you can customize your click photos with line stickers. Line brush is also there, by which you can show you artistic side. You can create beautiful impressions from photos with the help of 27 stylish brushes and 15 photo brushes

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