May 5, 2012


If you and your friend or colleague wish to sit down and draft a letter or document there's no need to wait until you can get together in the same room, in front of the same computer screen. All you need is for each of you to log into Within seconds, you'd both be working on the same document in real time. As you type, your words and edits are instantly reflected on the other person's screen. Separate colours are automatically added to make it clear who typed what. And, additional people can even join in too.

Qikpad is free, quick, and there's no need to sign up or log in. While it could prove unsuitable for discussing confidential issues, surely, for low-risk documents it should prove useful.


QikPad is a free online collaboration tool.
Multiple users can instantly see text updates, character by character.
Work together on documents, projects or code in real-time.
One-click pad creation with no sign-up required.

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