April 24, 2012


SlimCleaner uses social networking for PC repair and optimization. It combines the industry's fastest PC cleaning engine with a community of users who provide real-time feedback to improve computer performance. SlimCleaner uses social networking and community-sourced feedback to tell people what's on their computer, and what they can do about it: it's like having an army of tech-savvy geeks helping consumers maintain their machines.

SlimCleaner has just jumped to version 3.0, and with new tools on board, it aims to keep all of your drives -- internal, external, flash, and other -- decluttered and secure. Among other updates, the new version comes with a Disk Summary, Disk Analyzer, Disk Wiper, and Shredder, all of which are easily accessible from the program's home screen. If you're in the market for a free Windows utility to optimize your disk performance, you can check out SlimCleaner 3.0, at


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