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DOT NET Interview Questions with Answers

When not to use Design Patterns? Do not use design patterns in any of the following situations. • When the software being designed would not change with time. • When the requirements of the source code of the application are unique. If any of the above applies in the current software design, there is no need to apply design patterns in the current design and increase unnecessary complexity in the design. When to use Design Patterns? Design Patterns are particularly useful in one of the following scenarios. • When the software application would change in due course of time. • When the application contains source code that involves object creation and event notification. Benefits of Design Patterns: The following are some of the major advantages of using Design Patterns in software development. • Flexibility • Adaptability to change • Reusability What are Design Patterns? A Design Pattern essentially consists of a problem in a software design and a solutio

500 Years Calendar download

500 Years Calendar

Curam Software Interview Questions

Hi Friends, This is an interview questions for a 4 Years experienced Java/J2EE person with Curram Softwares. First Round: 1) Basic HR Questions 2) Why you want to shift your company 3) Some more.... Second Round: 1) Basics of java 2) Threads (Multi –Threading, synchronization) 3) Write a sample program for generics 4) About Design patterns 5) What is Iterator  and write a small program 6) XML Parsing – DOM and SAX Parser - differences 7) Inheritance & Abstraction & encapsulation & Polymorphism 8) write a Program which satisfies all mentioned in Question 7 9) Exception hierarchy 10) They give Sample programs – and ask for outputs 11) Implicit objects in jsp 12) Session management 13) Requestdispatcher vs sendredirect 14) Struts flow 15) Some more questions… Third Round: 1) About your projects 2) SQL database queries 3) SQL index, normalization, cursors,  stored procedures, joins 4) Design patterns – singleton (why we need this?) 5) UML questions –

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Apollo Recruits Freshers

Experience: 0 - 3 Years Location: Pune Education: UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization   PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization Industry Type: Insurance Functional Area: Banking, Insurance Job Description: • ADM will be recruiting advisors, handling the team and generating business from them. • Achieving the sales target in her/ his area. • Engage, motivate and train the agents to achieve the company's targets. • Achieve expected minimum sales target on a consistent basis. Continuously review performance and set new targets. Desired Candidate Profile: • 0-3 yrs experience in sales. • Experience of sales in financial industry would be an added advantage. • Consistently good sales record or sales management role with potential to lead others. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • Strong hold on local language. • Aggressive with drive and high energy levels who show potential to grow. • Good networking skills to drive and generate leads. Company Profile: A joi

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