November 24, 2013

Vine app for Chrome.

Awesome Vine app for Chrome. Fun, Quick, Simple
Vine for Chrome is a simple and quick way to use Vine in your browser     **Vines graph feed of everyone you follow (Home section)  **Popular Vines feed  **Explore feeds with awesome Vine tags  **Full Vine profiles   **COMMENT on any Vine  **Easily SHARE Vine post links  **Follow other Vinesters.     Want to Vine, but don't have your iPhone or Android handy near your computer ?  Just click the Vine icon in the top right corner of your browser and voila you have the latest Vines ! Hilarious and super easy to use.     Note: Vine for Chrome only works with Vine usernames (must be an email) and passwords. This is the account you registered directly with Vine. Login via Twitter account is currently not supported. Please use the Vine mobile app to sign up for an account directly with Vine to make sure you can login into Vine for Chrome.

    Version: 1.6.0
Updated: November 18, 2013
Size: 374KB
Language: English

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