January 11, 2013

Business Model Fiddle

Business Model Fiddle, a web-application, for entrepreneurs to share their #businessideas with the click of a button.

The general idea behind Business Model Fiddle is that every successful business model is made up of nine basic building blocks: customer segments, value proposition, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, and cost structure. Business Model Fiddle gives you a way to map these building blocks out on a digital canvas. Create your own canvas from scratch, or use one of the templates that Business Model Fiddle has created. Add your own information to each building block, making sure to type up any necessary explanations or instructions for how your company plans on accomplishing each element. The concepts you add can be moved from block to block, or deleted altogether and added to your information archive. You can also add "assets"—which are images or drawings—to your canvas to better explain your ideas.

When your canvas is complete, just click "print" to share it with potential investors and business associates. Business Model Fiddle canvases look great when printed on legal-size paper. You can also use the "list display" mode to print everything you've added to your canvas out as a list.


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