November 29, 2012


Please note I haven't checked this out, dont have an Android phone!


UCinema – Stream/Download ALL TV Shows and Movies for Free

Previously, Android phones used to feature small LCD displays with low screen resolutions. However, today, the smartphone market has totally changed and you can find several Android smartphones with bigger and clearer displays. In fact, most of the Android phones features screen sizes between 4.3 to 4.7 inches with a very high pixel density for clearer pictures and videos. One use of these big HD screens is to watch HD movies and videos and users download and buy content on their computers and then transfer these on to their Android smartphones, which is obviously a long procedure. A new app is available for Android, with which you can stream and download all your favorite TV shows and latest movies directly from your Android smartphones and the best part is that ALL content on the app is totally free!

UCinema is a media app developed by LowLevel Media and you can get it for free on your Android smartphone or tablet. Firstly, the app lets you download videos using a 3g or a WiFi connection and you can save it to the storage on your Android device. You can also stream the app using UCinema's built-in media player or you can use an external video player in order to stream videos. One of the best things about the app is that it lets you choose the quality of the video you want to stream/download. You can watch the video in 240p, 360p, 480p and even 720p depending on the type of connection you are using.

Apart from that, you can also set favorite videos in the app to view the videos later. Whether you want to watch modern family, game of thrones, 90210 or you want to watch Iron Man 2 in HD, UCinema lets you watch these shows and movies with a massive collection.

Some of the videos might not be in English, however, the English videos usually feature a full title in English. UCinema can be downloaded for free using this link -

Sourced from : Technology Bites

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