July 2, 2012

Merge MP3

"Merge MP3

Programmer Aleksandr Gekht offers to solve the problem of handling a large group of audio files which would be easier to deal with if they were combined into fewer numbers. Conveniently transforming unwieldy quantities of files frequently generated by creating backup copies of audiobooks and albums, Merge MP3 provides an easy way to transform them into more manageable numbers.

The program's zipped download size is a modest 653Kb, which, when expanded inflates to a mere 1.5Mb. Users concerned about the intrusiveness of a new application will be heartened to learn that no install is required; Merge MP3 needs only to be unzipped to a folder of the user's choice.

Although a file joiner for a specific type of audio format may seem a
relatively esoteric requirement, anyone confronted with several hundred MP3 files and the necessity of combining them into a more amenable quantity will give a quiet cheer for the useful capabilities of Merge MP3.

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