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As a video editor its very necessary to have right tools with you that can make your work look like a professional. It gives you an ease of work to just open a software and do works like video cutting. Video cutter is an essential tool for editing any of the video and must have tool for any video editor. In this post we will be discussing about top five widely used video cutter for windows. So without wasting any of our time lest come up with the video cutter software for windows.
Free Video cutter Softwares for Windows are :

1) Windows movie maker :-

Its needless to talk about this video editor because you all know it. It's a free available but powerful video cutter software made available by Microsoft along with windows. So I put this at number one position because you need not to search for any other video cutter when you already have it on your windows. It also supports many video formats.

2) Free video cutter :-

Talking about another free video cutter, Free Video Cutter is a very well-known video cutter, a free application for years now. It allows you to cut your video into clips with excellent video quality. Many video types are reinforced by this free video cutter application, such as AVI, FLV, MP4, VOB, MKV, MPEG 1/2, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, MOV, etc.

3) Media Cope :-

This is not the best option for the purpose of video cutting. Due to the point that it results your movie with little poor video quality than it went in with. Though it is one that can handle many video formats such as mp3, aac, flv, rmvb, flac, 3gp, mp4, wmv, mov, avi, mpg, wma, mkv, dat, vob. You can use this to cut any video and convert it to any other desired video format. There are many other functions too that provides you with a more professional management over what you can do with your movie clips. Overall an excellent application for free of cost.

4) Video Edit master :-

It is a totally free video editor to cut a part of video easily and fast with the unique video quality. It comes with a simple to use user interface and many video modifying features. However, it only can handle AVI, Divx, Xvid and MPEG video clips. If you want to cut other video types, you'd better turn to other or use their professional version of video modifying application to cut video clips.

5) Power Video Cutter :-

It has a simple editing process – for cutting videos. If you have video clips you want to cut down, or choose out certain areas, you can use a this software to make your changes.

It is not an established conventional program, but rather a software that anyone can choose up and cut their video clips with. This video cutter is reinforced with most of the video formats to work on and best part is that it is very simple to use.


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