March 5, 2012


Grazely is an innovative online bookmarking tool. In addition to its basic web-based bookmarking features – which you can use to save articles from anywhere online and retrieve those articles from any browser or mobile device. Grazely also includes a feature that makes it easy to share website links with the people you consider a part of your closest business teams or social groups.


Works With Every Browser

Now save links without downloading an add-on to your browser. No more problems when switching between, computer and tablet, or Mac and PC. Use your home computer, work computer, even your wi-fi enabled devices (tablet, smartphone), your links will still be accessible.

Secure Bookmarking

Save your bookmarks securely with encryption. Not everyone needs encryption, but for designers and developers building intranets, PR teams, startups founders, and businesses sharing information - it can makes life easier. You choose which bookmarks are public and which are private.

All Web Enabled Devices

Change devices with ease and have your bookmarks all saved in one location. Use your computer at home or work, your links will still be accessible on Grazely. Usually, when going from work to home, your important links are never accessible - Grazely solves that!

Find It Fast!

Searching through a pile of bookmarks in your browser can be a daunting task. We had the same headache as you. That's why our search feature is incredibly fast and accurate. If you search for "icons", BAM!, you got it! Cruise through your own tags, or search the entire database to find cool sites that you're actually interested in.

Double Keyword Tagging

Forget the old way of saving bookmarks. There's no more having to save tags as one single word. Now you can be a tagging pro, saving your bookmarks "awesome work", instead of "awesomework". We love clarity here at Grazely.

Nothing to Download

There's nothing to download and no software license to buy. We use a bookmarklet so you can save links from any web site you visit with 2 clicks of the mouse. If you don't want to use the bookmarklet, just login to Grazely to save your links. Awesomely simple and cool!

Grazely is in Beta, It may take minutes, hours, or even days, to receive your Invite to login to it.

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