July 27, 2011

Curam Software Interview Questions

Hi Friends,

This is an interview questions for a 4 Years experienced Java/J2EE person with Curram Softwares.

First Round:

1) Basic HR Questions
2) Why you want to shift your company
3) Some more....

Second Round:

1) Basics of java
2) Threads (Multi –Threading, synchronization)
3) Write a sample program for generics
4) About Design patterns
5) What is Iterator  and write a small program
6) XML Parsing – DOM and SAX Parser - differences
7) Inheritance & Abstraction & encapsulation & Polymorphism
8) write a Program which satisfies all mentioned in Question 7
9) Exception hierarchy
10) They give Sample programs – and ask for outputs
11) Implicit objects in jsp
12) Session management
13) Requestdispatcher vs sendredirect
14) Struts flow
15) Some more questions…

Third Round:

1) About your projects
2) SQL database queries
3) SQL index, normalization, cursors,  stored procedures, joins
4) Design patterns – singleton (why we need this?)
5) UML questions – class diagrams / sequence diagrams
6) Some questions on Threads and generics
7) What is generics and why we need generics – sample code for it
8) What is thread local?
9) A List holds all the persons objects.
           In each person class there are 3 variables (name, age, gender)
          How to Sort the list as per the person name then age and then gender.
10) There are two synchronized methods in a class and we have two threads t1, t2.
           If Thread1 tries to access method 1
           If Thread2 tries to access method 2
           If both threads tries to access method1
           What will happen in above cases
11) Why you need to use synchronized block as we already have synchronized methods?
12) String buffer is final then if I will append what will happen?
13) String as final then if I concat what will happen?
14) Some more questions…

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