February 24, 2010

Data Loss RAM

The computer RAM is designed to be a temporary storage that has
very small access time. Even cell phones/digital cameras use a RAM of
some form, but save the images and other data to permanent memory
(usually a flash drive) Even cell phones cannot retain the message
you were typing if you remove the battery suddenly.

Each program stores its data in RAM in its own format and hence
there cannot be any program that can 'save' any data being input.

the new landline phones from bsnl retain data even after the battery
is removed.as we know , the landline phone is so out of fashion
now.Even then, some company decided to provide this feature as a
standard feature.
this is more to the point. can there be some similar flash drive or
whatever and a transfer mechanism from ram to slash drive ? The
camera stores so many images , so many Mb, without any problem,
without any batteries .It is time such a system, even an external addon
could be provided.

Please provide ur comments..

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