July 25, 2013

BOA openings


Job Location: Hyderabad

Designation: Manager

Job Requisition Number:  HYD06301


Education: Any Graduate

Experience: 7 to 9 years of experience in Database Administration in SQL Server 2008


Essential Skills:

·         experience in troubleshooting and resolving database integrity, performance, blocking and deadlocking, replication, log, connectivity and security issues etc

·         experience in performance tuning, query optimization, using performance monitor, SQL profiler and other related monitoring and troubleshooting tools.

·         ability to identify and troubleshoot SQL server related CPU, memory, I/O, disk space and other resource contention

·         strong knowledge of backups, restores, recovery models, database shrink operations, DBCC commands, clustering, database mirroring, replication and high availability strategies for MS SQL environments

·         experience in implementing operational solutions with SQL server 2008

·         SQL development – ability to write and troubleshoot SQL code and design (stored procedures, functions, tables, views, triggers, indexes, constraints)

·         strong knowledge of how indexes, index management, integrity checks, configuration, patching

·         familiarity with windows server, security delegation, SPNs, storage components

·         knowledge and experience with oracle database will be an added advantage

·         knowledge and experience with SQL server 2012 will be an added advantage


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