July 21, 2012


Windows Vista used to have a feature called Live Desktop, which allowed your desktop to be linked to a web-based system in order to provide live information feeds and other data.

This feature has been removed from Windows 7. However, thanks to Minibrowser, now, you can keep up to date with your favourite news site or with twitter, no need to need to open a full browser! This effectively allows you to monitor virtually any area of any page while you work on other apps:

• A webcam feed.
• A network monitoring page
• A web application form for rapid data entry.
• Live radio
• Video playlists (
• Your webmail inbox
• Web TV channels...

Download it and double-click to install it. Click on its spanner icon, then the "sizes" tab, and set it to something larger than the default. This will provide you room to experiment with its settings and options

Minibrowser for Windows 7 is small, less than 0.6 MB to download, can be downloaded at http://www.minibrowser.info/.

According to VirusTotal, Minibrowser is free of all malware.

Sourced from Gizmo's Freeware

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