January 1, 2013


ResophNotes, the note-taking program with syncing capabilities. Widely praised for its simplicity and ease of use, ResophNotes for the Windows platform zeros in on the essentials and dispenses with the frills.

ResophNotes has an easy-to-use tagging capability, facilitating organization and data retrieval. Its premiere strength, however, lies in its syncing ability, either through the free-to-use and popular Simplenote or as standard text files with the ubiquitous Dropbox.

A user configurable global hotkey is one of the many keyboard shortcuts which encourages users to dispense with the mouse and find full functionality through the keyboard alone, with the website detailing more than two dozen of these shortcuts. Although the program does not rise to rich text formatting, it does allow a limited amount -- bold and italic -- when Text Format is enabled in the options settings, as well as providing clickable links to websites and internal notes.

Additional features include an immediate, automatic save, user
determination of file type, importation of text and .cvs files, and user defined settings for fonts, list ordering, and data storage location.

Available in both installed and portable versions, the app happily
accommodates those who prefer not to have their hard drives / registries littered with scattered installation entries.

ResophNotes can be downloaded at

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