June 29, 2012

Add Your Own Background Images To Your Gmail Account

How To Add Your Own Background Images To Your Gmail Account
by Justin Pot

It's finally possible – you can now set any image as your background in Gmail. Two new themes give you complete control over the image behind them, allowing you to use your own picture or pick your own from a wide selection.

To get started, open Gmail. Click the gear in the top-right corner, click "Themes" and scroll until you see this option:

background images gmail account

Pick "Light" or "Dark"; it doesn't matter for now. When you do, you'll be able to pick your picture:

You have a few options – Featured photos, your photos from Picasa, photos from your phone (assuming you use the Google+ app), uploading photos or adding a URL. Find a picture you like.

Uploading is easy because of a drag-and-drop interface:

Once you've picked your image, play with the settings to find out whether the "Light" or "Dark" theme works better for you.

There are a few caveats:

You cannot set Gmail to automatically rotate your own images, slideshow style. Hopefully this is coming.

You cannot adjust the image to fit better on Gmail's end; you'll need to do that before, if you think that's necessary.

Vertical images will probably look weird with this, unless you primarily use a vertical monitor.

Some people may not have this feature yet. Just wait: everyone will have it eventually.
Sourced from http://www.makeuseof.com

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