September 5, 2018

Re:(5) $ 100, any 20 countries of your choice / $100 любые 20 стран на Ваш выбор...

We would like to offer you e-mail databases of business addresses from all over the world. [ubqwgk]
For $ 100, any 20 countries of your choice. [anyah]
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Not what a deception. We work on trust! [tsrgi]
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Добрый день
Хотим предложить Вам базы e-mail адресов бизнесменов со всего Мира. [geetpp]
За $100 любые 20 стран на Ваш выбор. [nzudl]
Принимаем платежи по Bitcoin BTC или Western Union. [cjqxq]
Не какого обмана. Работаем на доверии! [oivcuyr]
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February 28, 2018

DesignEvo - A free and easy online logo designer

DesignEvo is easy-to-use online logo design tool with millions of icons, 100+ stylish fonts, 3,000+ practical logo templates and handy editing tools. It can help people easily create appealing and effective logos for their brands, websites, blogs, social media channels, etc.

 It is really awesome and intuitive interface. Easy to design and customize. A person can easily design by selecting a pre-defined logo design and modify it on the fly.

Hardly you need 1 minute to design your new logo with minor modifications.

Its really awesome site. I suggest you to try it out. 

You can discover more about DesignEvo here:

Learn more about Designevo @ YouTube

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