July 6, 2016

PDF to PowerPoint Online Converter

Often times we have a need to create a compelling presentations, either for our school, work or university projects. Appearing at public speaking venues usually involves preparing the presentation and making the best out of existing resources.

In order to help people prepare the material for their PowerPoint work, Investintech released a free online tool that converts PDFto PowerPoint, quickly and accurately.

Its features:

     Converts both scanned and native PDF to .pptx file format
     No limitations on the file size
     No limits on the number of conversions
     Completely free to use without any obligations
     Fully web based, no need to download complex software

With this tool, you can rest assured that your presentation is in good hands as it will quickly export even the most complex PDFs to fully editable PowerPoint files. In short, bookmark it and use it when you have the need for it — as you know, we all love freebies! 

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